Spring is here and so are the kittens!


February signals that time of year when cats begin to come in heat and so, if your cat(s) has yet to be spayed or neutered, now’s the time to act. Why? Because: over the course of 3 short years, one cat can be responsible for the birth of 500 kittens!

too many kittens

How else can you help out our local cats? If you see or know the whereabouts of a pregnant cat – stray or feral – please let us know so that, once born, we can track the kittens’ whereabouts and age. Cats have a gestation period of nine weeks and, once born, kittens need to remain in their mother’s care for at least the first 6-8 weeks of their young lives. After that, and for a brief few weeks, kittens (including feral kittens) can be easily socialized to humans and, once socialized, they can then be adopted out to loving human homes.

kitti kiss

And so, if you are know the whereabouts of any pregnant cats or the birthdate of their kittens, please keep us informed.


To find out more about spay and neutering, kittens, feral cats, raising orphans, taming, socializing, or any number of cat-related topics, visit the Alley Cat Allies website at http://www.alleycat.org


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