Success! – Thanks to All

Our first ever FUNDRAISER was a HUGE SUCCESS!

We raised over $900.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this event so successful – the talented bakers, folks who volunteered to sit at the tables, and those of you who kindly offered donations and purchased treats and garage sale items.


Our appreciation goes out to:

Jeannie Mathews, Tanya Krahn, Trude Allbright-Sweeney, Bobbi Jones, Gillian Fast, Barbara Buffington, Julia Rendall, Kristen Scholfield-Sweet,
Donna Manson, Lynn Marttila, Lynne Jordon, Siri Ellingsen, Alanah Caron, Mario DeRose, Emilia Hansen, Colleen Dragseth, Debbie Dragseth, June Barton, Del Hendon, Ann Hiatt, Elizabeth Anderson, Sue John, Suzanne Minogue, Jim Kearney, Bertha Jeffery, Ruth Zwickle, Fawn Baron-Preston, Heidi Hueniken, Delphin Moore, Laura Balducci, Myann Woolley, Dianne & Jim Hentschel, Carol & Richard Trueman, Mae Sherwood, Denise Elo, Anne Ferguson, Ginnie & Bruce Ellingsen, Elinore Harwood & Gary Cork & Bill & Tammy from Gorge Harbour Marina. (If we have forgotten anyone we offer our sincere apologies.)

Monies raised will go directly to assisting Cortesians with the spaying and neutering of island cats. Thank you!