Big Purrs from Cortes Cat Rescue for Baking and Raffle Items!

skate catRaffle Tickets and Treats still to buy at the Manson’s Friday Markets!

 The Craft Fair at Manson’s Hall provided a successful venue for fundraising thanks to the efforts and support of the following: Donna Manson, Ginnie Ellingsen, Carol London, June Barton, Alannah Caron, Elizabeth Woywitka, Myann Wooley, Kathleen Neil, Judith Williams, Nola McPhail.  Thanks also to Anne Ferguson & Denise Elo, Patrica Leroux & Heidi Hueniken

 Waving tails and plushy paws too for the Cortes Community, for coming out and supporting a good cause.

 icicle cat

The Whaletown Winter Craft Fair was also an opportunity for Cortes Cat Rescue to generate some dollars to help spay and neuter island cats.  Big purrs to: Laura Balducci, Ashe Biela, Gillian Fast, Wendy Havelaar, Ann Hiatt, Bianca Kaakinen, Suzanne Minogue, Helene Racine & Elin Ross for your help!

So far, between the two fairs we raised enough $ to spay/neuter four to eight cats, depending on gender. Congratulations everyone!

 ball cat

We would also like to warmly thank the sponsors who so generously donated items for our upcoming Raffle!

Woofy’s Pet Foods, Bosley’s Pet Foods, True Blue Pet Supplies, Shar-Kare, Dogwood Pet Mart, Patricia Leroux, Tanya Krahn & Blossoms Chocolates, Splash Body Care, Home Hardware, Elin’s Boutique, La Tee Da Lingerie, Stonehouse Teas & Abigail and Dan at Island Feed.

 Look for tickets at the Natural Food Coop, Gorge Harbour Marina, and upcoming Friday Markets at the Manson’s Hall. $10 buys you 7 chances to win purrrfectly fabulous prizes!!!

 sleepy xmas cat


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