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A small group of local cat-lovers have come together to create For the love of cats: Cortes Cat Rescue, a volunteer organization that will operate with the following four goals in mind:

1) to provide subsidized assistance to Islanders who, because of financial constraints, are unable to neuter/spay their cat(s);

2) to provide a Lost and Found service, as well as a central information service, through which we might keep abreast of our local stray and feral cat population, giving us the chance to sterilize and place in homes as many of these fine folk as possible;

3) to provide a Kitten Fostering program through which we might place young, socialized (and, yes, sterilized) cats into loving homes;

4) to promote the importance of having our cats spayed and neutered.

To most efficiently realize these goals, we have begun by forming and alliance with the good people at Quadra Cat Rescue, a highly successful (and generous) group of Quadra Island volunteers who have been operating for the past six years (over 400 spayed & neutered cats and countless orphans homed).

 In order to finance the start-up and ongoing costs involved in operating For the love of cats: Cortes Cat Rescue, we have opened up a bank account at Coastal Community Credit Union – “Cortes Cat Rescue” – and will pursue funding through donations (charitable tax receipts can be arranged), private and governmental grants, as well as future fundraising events to be held here on Cortes. Monies raised will go towards the provision of veterinary services (sterilization and vaccination treatments), as well as supporting Adoption & Lost and Found & Education programs.

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Donations, at this point, are our most urgent priority and so, should you wish to contribute to For the love of cats: Cortes Cat Rescue, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Samantha Statton Moore 935-6756

Ian Ross 935-8568

Kelly Wand 935-8575

E-Mail:  kelly@cortescoop.ca

Thank you, in advance, and keep both eyes wide for further updates.




Who Why How and What?


Who? We are a group of local cat lovers who have formed a group called Cortes Cat Rescue: for the love of cats 

Why? The primary goal of Cortes Cat Rescue is simple: to actively encourage Islanders to sterilize their cat(s).

How? By offering subsidized assistance to any local who, for good reasons of their own, might otherwise neglect this necessary act.

 What? Like any needed piece of social netting, though, this will cost at least a little money, which is where you, of course, come in.

 How? In order to both encourage and inspire Cortesians to sterilize their cat(s), we need money in the bank, every single dime of which will go towards the provision of sterilization services for local Cortes cats, as well as Education & Lost and Found & Adoption services. While we receive (with the help of Quadra Cat Rescue) reduced pricing at our Campbell River Vets, we still have to pay a considerable amount for the sterilization and vaccination of each and every cat, so please, for the love of cats, donate whatever you can afford to:


  • any of the Penny Pots located in Island Stores and Post Offices,
  • our bank account – “Cortes Cat Rescue” – at any branch of Coastal Community Credit Union (if you need a charitable tax receipt, please contact us before donating),
  • any of the four people listed above,
  • or, keep an eye out for our upcoming fundraising events!

 And thanks for your generosity and your support!

Samantha Moore @ 935-6756; Kelly Wand @ 935-8575;  Ian Ross or Anne-Lise Hollier @ 935-8568



Cortes Cat Rescue is here for one very simple reason: to provide encouragement through subsidized assistance to Islanders who, for reasons of their own, might otherwise neglect to sterilize their cat(s). We are cat lovers who love birds as well and dogs and even many people, but we have noticed many, many cats who seem doomed to an often haggard life of bearing litter after litter of kittens, many of which end up either wild in the woods or dead. Though our island is at present relatively untaxed  by large feral cat colonies, the fact that many of our local felines (housecats as well as strays and ferals) have been left to freely reproduce is a troubling thought to us. Our goal, then, is as stated: to help get our cats spayed and neutered so they might live long and healthy lives while, at the same time, controlling the population of both wild and stray island cats.

Our chosen mandate is to help any cat – feral, stray, or housecat – receive sterilization treatment, irregardless of the income level of his or her owner. Though our group receives a discounted charge for sterilization and vaccination services, the cost to treat each animal is still considerable. Because money is the means by which we can help our cats, it will always be of high priority and value to us, and so that is why we have felt the need to set up a loose guideline relating to the service we provide.

Feral cats, because they are, at once, both less expensive to fix (the veterinarian offers a greater discount for the sterilization of ferals than for either community or house cats) and far harder to transport, will get full funding from our group (unless the person responsible for contacting us wishes, as if often the case, to help cover the expense).

Community cats (those stray or even feral cats who are being fed by the kindness of a stranger without being a member of the household) will also receive full funding from our group, for they too receive a discounted veterinary price (though not as much as a feral does) while also being something of a cost to the person(s) to whom it has attached itself. Should that person too offer to help out in any way, large or small, with the veterinary cost, we shall of course be most grateful.

House cats, while never being turned away by us, receive very little in the way of veterinary discount and, so, cost the most. Because of this, and because a housecat is an honoured member of someone’s household, we would ask that some part of our cost be covered by the housecat’s human: half, one-third, three-quarters, $100, $50, $200, whatever you feel able and appreciative-enough to give.

Again, so long as there is money in our bank, no cat, no matter how base or high her homelife is, will be turned away by us. We don’t care about the car you drive or the size of your own house, we’re in this for the love of cats and we hope that you are too.





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