Our Mission

A small group of local cat-lovers have come together to create Cortes Cat Rescue: For the Love of Cats, a volunteer organization that will operate with the following four goals in mind:

1) to provide subsidized assistance to Islanders who, because of financial constraints, are unable to neuter/spay their cat(s);

2) to provide a Lost and Found service, as well as a central information service, through which we might keep abreast of our local stray and feral cat population, giving us the chance to sterilize and place in homes as many of these fine folk as possible;

3) to provide a Kitten Fostering program through which we might place young, socialized (and, yes, sterilized) cats into loving homes;

4) to promote the importance of having our cats spayed and neutered.

While our main goal is simple –  to reduce the number of unhomed and unloved cats on Cortes – it is by no means inexpensive. While every situation is unique, a rough for-instance of our costs is: $115.00 for a feral tomcat to upwards of $250.00 for a female housecat.

So, not only are we always looking for donations, we’re asking those who use our service to contribute to the cost. The funds we raise are hard-earned and precious and any contribution you can make will help ensure that other cats as well as your’s can live long and warm and healthy lives. And if money’s not an option for you now, please think of helping out in some other way, through the donation of goods, time, energy and, too of course, positive good will!

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