Interested? – Ways You Can Help!

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Because we can only be effective when we have money in our bank account, fundraising is a huge priority for us, and fundraising means time and energy and people, all of which are like paws to us: we can’t run without them. So: if you’ve been wondering what to do with all that free time you’ve got and all that energy to spare, how about volunteering with Cortes Cat Rescue?

We need: volunteers to help at our popcorn booth on July 18, Cortes Days;

volunteers to sell raffle tickets at the Manson’s Hall Friday Markets;

up to 20 volunteers to donate 5 hours at next year’s Seafest (May long-weekend 2016);

anyone interested in learning the fine art of feral cat trapping;

anyone interested in thinking up fundraising events and staffing them.

  • – money
  • – dog carriers
  • – live traps
  • – more money

 –  (more to come)



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These wonderful folks have helped us in various ways, in our efforts to support the feline peoples of Cortes Island.   PURRS and thanks to:

  • Greg Shea
  • Abigail @ Island Feed
  • Henry Verschuur
  • Heidi Heuniken
  • Jim Kearney
  • Susanna Bonner
  • Jane MacDonald
  • Carmen Mills
  • Naomi Cairns
  • Meghan MacDonald
  • Annelise Hollier
  • Bree Carswell
  • Janet Massey
  • Marie Landry
  • Michael Landry
  • Cortes Wifi Society
  • Sandra Wood
  • Steve Musial
  • Richard Trueman
  • Gorge Harbour Marina
  • Patricia LeRoux
  • Leslie Mack-Mumford
  • Laura Balducci
  • Susan John





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