Look what we’ve done so far!


June 1st Update: we are now 14 cats old, thanks to Samantha, Patricia, Campbell River Vets and Dogwood Vets. We are, as well, almost out of money, so our next fundraiser can’t come soon enough!

June success story:  A Peach Snowshoe Kitten was reported wandering around Manson’s dock this May.  He was locally fostered and fixed, and is now living at his new home on Pender Island.  His Cortes Island Foster Mom declares “he is the sweetest cat I have ever known!”

white cat dock

(mid-May): “Ficken”, from Blue Jay Lake Farm, semi-feral cat, neutered and vaccinated.  (photo to come)

(mid-May): “-“, from Raven Farm, neutered and vaccinated. (photo to come)

* Spring Update * Thanks to your generosity and support, as of May 1st, 2015, we have successfully transported TWELVE Cortes Cats to Campbell River to be fixed and vaccinated.   Special gratitude to Ian and Anne-Lise and to Samantha who kindly drives the cats to town in the early morning, and later returns them to the island.

Cortes Cat Rescue is officially five cats old and, in celebration of this fact, we’d like to announce the successful spaying & neutering of Mini-Manx, Luna, LJ, Pepper and Julies, a feat made possible through the very generous financial assistance of Quadra Cat Rescue (and, most notably, QCR’s Janet Massey). We would also like to thank Dogwood Veterinary Hospital ( http://www.dogwoodvet.ca/ ) for providing sterilization and vaccination treatment at a reduced rate.


(late January): “MiniManx”, from Manson’s: Manx kitten, neutered & vaccinated & treated for congenital bowel issues

Mini Manx

(Feb 13/15): “LJ”, from Linnaea: large longhair orange and white Tom, neutered and vaccinated

LJ and Nola Love

LJ and Nola Love

(Feb 13/15): “Luna”, from Whaletown: tiny, grey female: spayed & vaccinated


(Feb 27/15): “Pepper”, from Whaletown: calico female: spayed & vaccinated

Pretty Pepper

(Mar 2/15): “Julies,” from Manson’s; a medium long hair Maine-coon: spayed & vaccinated


(April  /15) “Mr. Grey”, from Manson’s; long haired soft grey: neutered and vaccinated


(April 27/15) “Kitty”, from Klahoose; short haired white: neutered and vaccinated


(April 27/15) “Gibby”, from Manson’s; fluffy orange guy; neutered and vaccinated


(April 27/15) “Smoker” from the South End; spayed and vaccinated (pic to come)


(April 27/15) “Blackie” feral cat from Gorge Marina; neutered and vaccinated



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