Please Donate

The primary goal of Cortes Cat Rescue is simple: to provide encouragement – that is: subsidized assistance – to Islanders who, for reasons of their own, might otherwise neglect to sterilize their cat(s). Like any piece of social netting, though, this is going to cost more than a little money, which is where you, of course, come in.

In order to not just encourage Cortesians to sterilize their cat(s), but actually help them accomplish this very necessary feat, we need money in the bank, every single dime of which will go towards the provision of sterilization services for local Cortes cats, as well as Education & Lost and Found & Adoption services. While we receive (with the help of Quadra Cat Rescue) reduced pricing at our Campbell River Vets, we still have to pay a considerable amount for the sterilization and vaccination of each and every cat, so please, for the love of cats, donate whatever you can afford to:

  •  any of the Penny Pots located in Island Stores and Post Offices,
  • our bank account – “Cortes Cat Rescue” – at any branch of Coastal Community Credit Union (if you need a charitable tax receipt, please contact us before donating),
  • any of the three people listed below,
  • or, keep an eye out for our upcoming fundraising events because, as any Buddhist knows, cats are people too!


And thanks for your generosity and your support!

Samantha Statton Moore 935-6756

Kelly Wand 935-8575

Ian Ross 935-8568

  thank you for helping us
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